Service and Support

We’re here when you need us.

Providing exceptional customer service and field support sets Lincoln Electric apart from its competition.  Lincoln Electric has a fully equipped staff of technicians to assist with any level of technical support.  Comprehensive training is also available.

Technical Support

Contact an Lincoln Electric technical support technician to assist with all your technical questions. Our technicians will help keep your system operating at peak performance.

     Technical Support is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.

       Contact our technical service personnel at 619-628-1022

     You can also reach us via email at

Technical Training

Proper training and education of personnel is necessary to receive the most productivity and efficiency of any equipment purchase. Lincoln Electric offers a fee-based comprehensive training session for operator, field service or maintenance personnel.  Our trainers will schedule a training session to thoroughly educate your staff on your new system based on your needs and requirements.

During the training your staff will learn:

  • Full system capabilities along with system installation, set-up and best practices
  • Safety precautions and general maintenance routines to keep the system working at full capacity

To receive a quote and schedule a training session, please contact us at 619-628-1022 . You may also reach us via email at  Training requests should be scheduled 30 days prior to the desired training date.

System Setup Guides

  AVC-5 Quick Setup Guide Download

System Manual Downloads

  APEX 2100 Orbital Control System Manual (IM 6111) Download

  APEX 3 Series Operator Pendant Manual (IM6121) Download

 APEX 3 Series MIG Pendant Manual (IM6127) Download

 APEX 3 Series TIG Pendant Manual (IM6123) Download

  APEX 3000 Controller System Manual (IM6118) Download

  APEX 30M Controller System Manual (IM6120) Download

 APEX 30S Controller System Manual (IM6125) Download

  AVC-5 Arc Voltage Control Operations and Service Manual (201327-001B) Download

  DWF-4 Wire Feed System Operation and Service Manual (0600-0312A) Download

  HELIX C450 Weld Head Manual (IM6115) Download

  HELIX C663 Weld Head Manual (IM6116) Download

 HELIX M45 Weld Head Manual (IM6129A) Download

  HELIX M627 Weld Head Manual (IM10606) Download

  HELIX M85 Weld Head Manual (IM6119) Download

  HELIX T55 Weld Head Manual (IM6112) Download

  HELIX WF20B Wire Feeder Manual (IM6114) Download

  MA-10 Magnet Arc Stabilizer Operation and Service Manual (1037-0183A) Download

  MA-20 Magnet Arc Stabilizer Operation and Service Manual (0600-0312D) Download

  MA-40 Magnet Arc Stabilizer Operation and Service Manual (0600-0311D) Download

  Motorized Slide System Manual (IM6101) Download

  Seam Tracker System Manual (IM6100) Download

  Weld Oscillator Operations Manual (0600-0450A) Download

Note: Most manuals and guides come in the PDF format and is the easiest way to view the manual. When a PDF reader is not already installed, a PDF reader (Acrobat Reader) is available for free from Adobe®