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We get it. You want welding to be automated… simple… flexible… and above all, precise. Welding is in our DNA, which means we do it better than anyone else. We’ve created automated and mechanized products that are native to welding. Our intuitive interface and precise torch placement enable ease of use right out of the box. So while we didn’t invent welding, we’ve made how you weld more consistent. Best of all, the learning curve is incredibly short for each of our MIG and TIG systems – just plug it in and play.

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APEX® 3 Series

For mission critical Orbital Welding Applications, you can trust our APEX® 3 Series Control Systems from Lincoln Electric. Hundreds of clients worldwide already trust our commitment to quality. Our APEX® 3 Series Orbital Welding solution establishes one platform for multiple welding processes –– with quality assurance, extremely precise welding controls for FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and Hot Wire GTAW welding in fixed and out of position applications, and ease of use second to none.

The APEX 3 Series offers the most adaptive, welding system on the market. Lincoln Electric engineers have designed an intuitive controller and digital welding system that transforms data into action. The pendant architecture can be modified from MIG to TIG to Laser, and the system hardware can be adapted with just a few minor adjustments. Its capabilities are continually improving and expanding.

With just a few hours of training, welders will find they can complete quality orbital and flat track welding jobs far more efficiently. After using the APEX control pendant with the APEX 30S or 30M Controller for the first time, you’ll understand why this is the technology that’s moving mechanized welding into the future of industrial automation.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, improve quality and manage costs, call (619) 628-1022 or visit us at: for a free consultation and to schedule a demonstration of the APEX/HELIX multi-process welding system at your business or in our company welding labs.

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ST250 10 x 10 System w/ APC




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As with all Lincoln Electric® equipment, if you’re not satisfied with your equipment or its performance, please let us know.  We will do everything possible to make it right.  That’s our promise to you.  We sell our products worldwide to hundreds of companies where integrity and trust matter most.

After all, our reputation is on the line with every weld you make.  You want a partner you can trust.

  • What We Do.

    We make welding as easy as possible because we create products that are native to welding.

  • How We Do It.

    We made “plug-and-play” modular welding more consistent and flexible for easy on-the-go welding at any job site, no matter where it is.

  • How We Do it Better.

    Our products work right out of the box. So there’s little-to-no learning curve for your employees. And our service is second-to-none.

  • Plan Ahead. Now.

    We can deliver new products in as little as two weeks –– across the country or around the world.