APEX® 30S Controller

The next evolution in our APEX 3 Series controllers.

The APEX® 30S controller performs superior GMAW / FCAW welding. Similar to the APEX 3000 Controller, simply adding on an AutoDrive® 4R220 wire feeder enables the APEX 30S controller to handle GTAW welding processes. This also reduces the need for auxiliary components by incorporating a gas solenoid and flow sensor within the controller, minimizing cable clutter and reducing the overall footprint of the configured system.

The APEX 3000 and 30S controllers coupled with the HELIX ® M Series weld heads are not limited to only orbital welding. Thanks to the precision offered by the control unit, the system is also ideal for flat track welding, welding plate or different types of structural beams. When the weld head is kept in a fixed position and the pipe is rotated, the system can easily be adapted for welding in a 1G position, using the weld head to precisely place and control the arc for high quality welds.

This can be especially useful in pipe shops where orbital welds are required only on occasion. Keeping an orbital welding system and an experienced operator on-hand is not generally cost effective. With an APEX 3 Series Ready Pak® system and the APEX 30S controller, the HELIX® weld head can be quickly removed from the 1G position and clamped around an orbital track on the pipe to meet the job requirements.